As of May 11, 2017 in a letter recived from the Auditing Department of the New Hampshre State Liquor Commission, Moonlight Meadery can no longer host Mead Free or Die, so that trained judges can provide analysis and feedback. We hope you understand but the competition is now defunct.

If you would like to help restore the largest Mead competition in all of New England, please contact your New Hampshire state representive.

Here's the results from 2017 Professional, 2017 Home, 2016 Professional, 2016 Home, 2015 Professional, 2015 Home, 2014 Professional, 2014 Home, 2011 Home, 2010 Home, and 2009 Home competition!

The proceeds from the 2017 competition went to help fund the Honey & Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute research efforts.

This competition was organized by Moonlight Meadery with support from Sap House Meadery, and Ancient Fire Mead & Cider, these organizations are doing this to help the mead industry, and will not have entries in the running.

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