Competition Rules

Online Registration Only

All entries must be received at one of the drop off locations or shipping address, between 08:30 AM on 03/01/2018 and 5:00 PM on 04/15/2018

How many bottles do I need?

Send 3 (375ml/12 oz) bottles OR 2 if larger for each entry competing.

Any limits on the number of entries? None, you may enter as many meads as you wish.

What are the entry fees? $10 for home competition, and $60 for professionals.

Types of payment?

Paypal to

Please note, if you have paid for your entries, then add more, you will need to just send the difference via PayPal to

When are the entry deadlines?

Entries must be received at designated site by 5:00 PM on 04/15/2018. Late entries will neither be judged nor returned.

How do I enter?

U.S. and International Entries

(a) Register each entry online by going to Mead Free or Die Registration, creating a login, and entering the information about your entries.

(b) Pay for your entries. Pay online for entries when you are sure of the entries you are sending to the competition.

(c) Print the labels for your entries. Attach the labels to each bottle using a rubber band; do not attach the bottle label with glue or tape. Your entry will be disqualified if you use glue or tape to secure the label to the bottle.

(d) Pack your bottles carefully.

(e) Drop Off or Ship your entries to appropriate address given on the Drop Off

Packages with postage due or C.O.D. charges will be returned to sender.

All shipping containers must be clearly labeled: "SAMPLE ONLY NOT FOR RESALE"


Are there entry limitations?

Home Entries

    (a) Your mead cannot have been made on equipment used to produce beverages for any commercial purpose, whether for commercial research, production or any other purpose, including ANY equipment at federally bonded winery or brewery.

    (b) You must give the names of all mead makers who helped in the mead making.

    (c) Judges may not judge a category they have entered, and stewards may not steward a category they have entered.

    (d) No identifying mead maker information can exist on the cork, botle, or closure (cap, crown, etc.).

Commercial Entries

    (a) You must have a TTB license to produce

    (b) Send us any mead you have made, even if you don't have plans to release it.

    (c) Judges may not judge a category they have entered, and stewards may not steward a category they have entered.

Can someone from outside the region participate?


What happens if I win?

All BJCP scoresheets will be mailed back to entrants, additionally if you happen to win your prizes will be shipped as well.


(1) First-, second- and third-place winners in each subcategory will receive a medal (laser engraved wood carving).

(2) First-, second- and third-place winners in each category will receive a prize package.

(3) First-place winning entries in each of the subcategory will compete in a best-of-show judging. The winner will be awarded Best of Show.

(4) At the discretion of competition organizers and/or judges, awards may not be given if the quality of an entry is deemed undeserving of an award.

Return Policy

No entries will be returned whether received late or otherwise. All entries become property of the organizers.